Marco Maci, comes from a family of winemakers with 500 years of history.
For him wine is a passion, is part of himself, he was born in the winery and always helped the grandfather and the father since a very early age.

When he turned 18 he became the first president of one of the 7 biggest winery in Europe due to his knowledge and view.

In 1993 Marco Maci started his own entrepreneur path in the market, that immediately led him to success never gained by any winery in south Italy, Marco has always been driven by concepts such as top quality, perfecting grape selection methods, maceration, refrigeration and bottling that is why he succeed in the most respected International Wine Competitions, such as multiple gold medals and more on, including the recognition at Vinitaly 2011 as the best winery.

Marco Maci owned three different wineries and really created an empire, serving markets in all over the world: China, South east Asia, Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Europe, United States of America and Brazil. During the years Marco Maci develop an extremely strong relationship with the most powerful people in almost every country,
building a chain of important relationships that made his name becoming a brand, and his companies becoming part of a Group: Marco Maci Scavia Group.

Marco Maci Scavia Group is based in Switzerland, where are the main offices and commercial, while in Italy are the production areas. The partnership with Scavia started few years ago, Scavia is a famous Italian brand in the high jewellery design that has the same spirit of passion and tradition of Marco Maci.

Marco Maci: the only winemaker in the world who won the Double Gold Medal!