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Privacy disclaimer
This privacy policy was published on 05 February 2019 and enters into force for new and existing users of the websites, apps and offline activities of MMSCAVIA.COM on 05 February 2019.
Privacy policy of MM SCAVIA WINERY SA
Effective date: 05/02/2019

Our Privacy Policy describes how we collect and process Personal Data through our websites (including, without limitation, (“Web Sites”)), as well as the corresponding mobile “APP” and events.


Note to residents of the European Union: in order to comply with the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for our European consumers and users, this Privacy Policy outlines the legal basis on which we process your Personal Data and provides other information requested by the GDPR.
Who we are
We are MM SCAVIA WINERY SA (hereafter referred to as “MM SCAVIA WINERY SA”, “we,” “us” or “our”).
Information about your Personal Data
This Privacy Policy is related to Personal Data and to the interaction with the Services. “Personal data” is information that can be used to identify you, directly or indirectly, individually or together with other information. They include the name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number and other data in order to guarantee the correct use of our services.
MM SCAVIA WINERY SA collects, uses and processes Personal Data as indicated in this Privacy Policy, including: Data to manage and improve the Services and our company; for advertising and marketing purposes; and to provide you with innovative services, as further described in this Privacy policy.
We may create information without identifying data from Personal Data, excluding data components (for example, the name, e-mail address or linkable tracking ID) that make personal data identifiable, through concealment or other means . Our use of anonymous data without identifying data is not subject to this Privacy policy.

How we collect and use personal data
We collect your personal data in different ways and for different purposes, including:

1. When registering an account or interacting with our Services.
We collect Personal Data when you use or interact with our Services, including when you register, view our products online, use the services of MM SCAVIA WINERY SA, make purchases with us (including processing payment) and when you ask us to customize products or services. Personal Data may include name, address, telephone number, user name and password, e-mail address, date of birth, payment information.

2. When you purchase one of our products, please communicate with us or register to receive promotional materials.
We collect Personal Data when you purchase our products, communicate with us or register to receive promotional materials or information via e-mail, push notifications or SMS, including e-mail address, mobile phone number, etc.
If you give your consent to these messages, we may use your Personal Data and other information to communicate with you about the products or Services of MM SCAVIA WINERY SA that you have purchased or used, send promotional messages and personalized advertisements, to inform you in about other products; to notify you of competitions, challenges, games of chance and other promotions (“Promotions”); to provide you with information on services we think may interest you and for other marketing purposes. You can manage your preferences for sending communications by contacting us by mail or phone.
Please note that, regardless of your e-mail settings, we may send you notifications regarding the provision of our Services, such as the revision of our Terms or this Privacy Policy, or other type of formal communications related to the products or to the Services you have purchased or used. We may use your Personal Data to respond to your requests for technical support, online services, product information or any other communications you may have. This includes accessing your account to meet technical support requests. We may also use your Personal Data to respond to your requests, questions and complaints.

3. When you participate in activities, offers or special programs.

We may request or otherwise collect Personal Data when you participate in Promotions, surveys or initiatives or research activities, including for academic, commercial and research purposes (“Research”). These include Personal Data, such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, age and other information that may be appropriate for your participation. In case of winning a Promotion, we can collect certain information on tax matters, exemptions and waivers, depending on the prize.
We can also start surveys containing questions related to a wide range of topics, from personal data to brand and product preferences. Promotions and surveys can be performed by a service provider of MM SCAVIA WINERY SA or be co-branded with one of our partners. In such cases, Personal Data may be collected directly from and / or shared with MM SCAVIA WINERY SA, the service provider and / or business partner, included for marketing purposes. For each Promotion or survey that deals with your Personal Data in a manner different from that described in this Privacy Policy will be declared the Privacy policy that governs this collection of information related to such Promotion or survey.
4. When you interact with our online advertising or community.
We may collect your Personal Data when you interact with our online communities. This happens for example when you click on advertisements, interact on our social media pages, send content, write reviews or otherwise enter information in the comments field, blogs, message boards, events and other forums. communities sponsored by or connected to MM SCAVIA WINERY SA.
5. When you access third-party products and services.
We may allow you to register and pay for third party products and services or otherwise interact with another website, mobile application or Internet address (collectively “Third Party Sites”) through our Services and we may collect Personal Data that you share with third-party sites through our Services. In this case, we will provide you with further details on how to use your Personal Data.
6. When you connect with us via social media.
You can choose to enable, access or subscribe to the Services through various social media or social network services, such as Facebook or Twitter (“Social Network Services” or “SNS”). If you connect using your social network services account, we may collect the Personal Data you have provided to this social networking service. For example, if you log in with your Facebook credentials, we may collect, with your consent, Personal Data from your Facebook profile in accordance with the Terms of Use of Facebook, such as your e-mail address, profile picture and the list of friends. We use this information to provide, improve and personalize the Services (eg, to help you connect to our Services or suggest friends within them). If you do not wish to provide such data, you will need to change the privacy settings on your Social Services account.
7. When we collect data from third parties or from publicly available sources.
We may obtain some of your information from third-party sources to enable us to provide and improve the Services and for marketing and advertising purposes. We may aggregate Personal Data with the data we obtain from our Services, other users or third parties to improve your experience and Services, such as providing you with a single access point for our Services and / or creating a dashboard for let you understand how to access and control the Services you use on a single page.
1. When we use and / or collect cookies, location and other monitoring technologies.
We may collect certain personal data using cookies and other technologies, such as web beacons, device IDs, advertising IDs, geolocation, local HTML5 storage, Flash cookies and IP addresses. We specifically use browser cookies for different purposes, including cookies strictly necessary for the operation of the Services and cookies that are used for customization, performance / analysis and advertising. Our section Use of cookies and device ID contains more information and options for checking or revoking consent to the collection or use of certain data.
9. When we aggregate or centralize data.
We aggregate and centralize personal data for analysis, innovation and to provide advanced services to our customers and end users.
10. When you ask us to customize products or services.
We use photos, videos or other data that you provide to customize products or services.
    1. For compliance with legal requirements or obligations, law enforcement and for public security purposes (specific information may be applied depending on country / region).
We may use Personal Data to comply with laws, regulations, court orders or other legal obligations or to facilitate an investigation, to protect or defend our rights and property or the security of third parties, to apply our Terms of Use , this Privacy policy or agreements with third parties or for crime prevention purposes.
How we disclose personal data
We may disclose your Personal Data for the purposes described in the previous section of this Privacy Policy, in the Specific Information section depending on the country / region and in the following ways:
1. To social network providers.
With social network providers when we use widgets, buttons or social network plug-ins in our Services.
2. For advertising and marketing.
With advertising and marketing partners for advertising and marketing purposes on behalf of MM SCAVIA WINERY SA and on behalf of third parties (for example, Facebook or Google).
In addition, with your consent, we may share accurate Position Data with Third Parties for customization inside and outside the platform and for well-designed advertising and marketing purposes.
3. For some analyzes and improvements
With some companies for analysis and improvement of services.
4. For legal compliance, law enforcement and public security purposes
With law enforcement, governmental and regulatory bodies, legal authorities or third parties authorized to comply with laws, regulations, court orders or other legal obligations or to contribute to an investigation, to protect or defend our rights and property or the security of third parties, to apply our Terms of Use, this Privacy Policy or agreements with third parties or for the purposes of crime prevention.
5. In the case of an actual or planned sale
With potential or actual purchasers, investors or successor entities in relation to a planned or effective reorganization of our company, in relation to a loan, a sale or another transaction involving the sale of all or part of our company or resources, also in order to allow due diligence required to decide whether to proceed with a transaction, in accordance with the guarantees of sufficient security measures and data processing practices.
Residents of the European Economic Area. Our disclosure is limited to the situations in which we are authorized to do so under European and national data protection laws and regulations.
6. In case of purchase of products by customers
With our freight forwarders we share your data and the position of the declared address as the one of reception.
Types of companies with whom we share data.
Types of companies with which MM SCAVIA WINERY SA shares the personal data of users Marketing and advertising: we share personal data with third parties for marketing and advertising purposes, eg, Facebook, Inc. (United States), to allow to assist MM SCAVIA WINERY SA in promoting our services inside and outside the platform for current and future customers through targeted advertising.
Third party advertising and “Segments”: for “segments”, as described in our Privacy Policy.
Customer Service: These third-party systems and solutions enable us to provide support to respond to complaints and solve customer technical problems.
Analysis: we use hosted third-party solutions such as Google Analytics, Google LLC (United States) to help MM SCAVIA WINERY SA to evaluate and analyze product and consumer trends.
Consulting services: we use consulting services to evaluate our processes, control our systems and support our general operations.
Newsletter sending services: such as MailUp for sending commercial communications.
Legal basis for processing
This section describes the legal basis for processing your data if you live outside of Switzerland. Some elaborations are treated in several sections as more legal bases are applicable depending on the circumstances or the service. Pursuant to applicable data protection laws, MM SCAVIA WINERY SA is the manager of the processing of Personal Data you provide to us (“Data Processing Manager”). As Data Processing Manager, we process Personal Data on you that we maintain in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
We collect and process your Personal Data for a variety of purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy. In some cases, no separate consent is required, including:
1. For the fulfillment of a contract
To fulfill our contractual obligations to you, including account registration, fulfillment of orders or purchases made (including processing your payment), contact us about any problem with your order, in relation to the provision of Services to connect with friends on the platforms, share content or invite friends, when you ask us to customize products or services, if we need to provide your personal data to companies connected to MM SCAVIA WINERY SA and our service providers, if we have to collect Personal Data from third-party products and services, if we collect data from third parties or publicly available sources or aggregate and centralize data for the provision of the Services
2. To fulfill legal obligations
To comply with laws, regulations, court orders or other legal obligations or to facilitate an investigation.
3. For legitimate interests
To manage the company and provide the Services, in addition to fulfill our contractual obligations for the “legitimate interests” of MM SCAVIA WINERY SA under applicable law, except in cases where the interests or rights and fundamental freedoms that prevail the protection of personal data.
For example, the following areas include processing that is within the legitimate interests, under applicable laws:
Communication. To communicate with you about the Services, including to provide you with important notices regarding changes to our Conditions and also to respond to your requests, questions and complaints. We may send strictly necessary communications, including e-mails, even if you have revoked your consent to receive other e-mails or communications from MM SCAVIA WINERY SA. These types of communication do not require consent. In addition, we process your Personal Data for our legitimate interests when communicated with us, including when you register to receive promotional materials and we have not requested your consent to do so.
Respond to your requests. To respond to your requests regarding technical support, online services, product information or any other communication you may have. This includes accessing your account to meet technical support requests.
Promotional messages. We process your non-sensitive Personal Data to provide promotional and personalized marketing information, including when you communicate with us or register with us to receive promotional materials; when you participate in activities, offers or special programs; when you participate in our communities or online advertising; to provide you with geographically relevant services, offers or advertisements; when we aggregate and centralize data; and when we share Personal Data with companies or companies owned or controlled by MM SCAVIA WINERY SA and our service providers and resellers.
Surveys. To send inquiries related to our Services, unless they are commercial dinatura. In such cases, you can send a survey request if you have given us your consent to receive marketing materials.
Compliance with the law and public security. To contribute to investigations into illegal or illicit suspected activities, including in-store monitoring and information sharing with other entities for fraud prevention, loss and crime prevention purposes. To protect and defend our rights and property or the rights and security of third parties.
Improvement. To provide, optimize or improve our Services and your experience, including enabling you to use the full range of our Services (e.g., processing of non-sensitive Personal Data related to it, when accessing third-party products and services; , we use or otherwise use cookies and other monitoring technologies, when you connect with us via social media, when we collect data from third parties or from publicly available sources, when we aggregate and centralize data, and when we share personal data with companies or companies owned or controlled by MM SCAVIA WINERY SA and with our service providers and resellers). For internal purposes related to specific research, analysis, innovation, testing, monitoring, communication with customers, risk management and administration.
Application of the Conditions and notifications. To apply our Conditions or the present Privacy policy or agreements with third parties.
Consent as a basis for processing
In some cases, we will ask for your consent to process Personal Data. You may indicate your consent in a variety of ways, including, to the extent permitted by law, by ticking a box (or an equivalent action) to indicate your consent when
    1. you provide us with your Personal Data through our Services or a form (including subscription to Promotions);
    1. registering or creating an account. Because of the different national laws that regulate consent for the collection and use of Personal Data, the requirements for consent may differ from region to region. We can request your consent for a range of activities, including:
1. Marketing and communication of MM SCAVIA WINERY SA.
We may request your consent to be contacted by telephone, text message / text message and / or e-mail regarding other offers, products, promotions, events or services that we believe may interest you and for other marketing purposes.
2. Collection and sharing of position data.
We may request your consent to collect accurate location data. You may need to request this information to provide the Services. If you choose not to provide this information, certain features of the Services may not be available or may not function properly. Location Data can be used to provide you with personalized information, advertising on products and services. In addition, we may request your consent to share your precise location data with third parties for customization inside and outside the platform and for marketing and advertising purposes.
3. Research.
We may request your consent to use your Personal Data for research purposes. We may also request your consent to contact you to determine your interest in participating in certain research initiatives and to share identification results. For market research, we could ask questions on behalf of business partners and share responses with business partners.
4. Data transfer.
We transfer data to the United States and other countries for processing analytical data (Google Analytics). We can request your consent for this transfer or transfer, in other cases, it may be justified by a legal basis other than consent.
    1. To enable sharing on social networks and connect with us on social media.
Some of our services consist of communicating with others and sharing on social networks. If you sign up for these services, we can ask for your consent to allow sharing, as described in the service.
We can also ask for your consent when you connect with us via social media.
6. Promotions.
We may ask you to use Personal Data for special offers, events, lotteries and other promotions. We may use the Personal Data that we collect during Promotions to manage Promotions, verify your identity and your age and to send you communications regarding the Promotion.
Interest-based advertising
Interest-based advertising is targeted advertising based on your web browsing and app usage over time and across multiple websites or apps. Our advertising practices also include the creation and use of “audiences”. You may choose to limit the use of information for interest-based advertising and withdraw your consent to receive interest-based ads. Depending on the point of access to our website, we may request your consent for the use of our cookies, including advertising cookies. Below are details of the audiences and our choices for interest-based advertising.
We disclose different types of information for interest-based advertising purposes, including that of third parties. This processing includes the use of Personal Data to create audiences without identifying data. These audiences are then made available for interest-based advertising, including third-party advertising, on the online properties of MM SCAVIA WINERY SA. Audiences are based on visits to websites, app usage data, online and offline purchasing behavior, interaction with our ads and marketing emails, similar types of information, and in some cases, third-party data. The segments, before being used, are deprived of identification data, so that they can not identify you personally.
Management of preferences and withdrawal of consent
You may withdraw your consent at any time with future effect and without compromising the legality of processing your Personal Data on the basis of the consent provided before withdrawing it and exercising other controls relating to the collection of data on the website and online, to interest-based advertising, to communication settings and app preferences. Depending on the Service, the collection and use of Personal Data may be necessary for the operation of the Services. We provide you with many ways to manage your preferences:
Change the consent settings for communication preferences
Consent for communication via e-mail: once subscribed to communications via e-mail, you can choose to unsubscribe using the unsubscribe link included in any commercial e-mail we send you. If you use more than one Service, canceling your e-mail subscription for this Service will not prevent you from receiving e-mail from other Services. Please note that if you unsubscribe from “all e-mails”, it means “all e-mails other than strictly necessary e-mails”. You will continue to receive communications from us by e-mail if they are strictly necessary to provide the service or to confirm or validate a transaction, restore accounts, etc.
Explicit consent for SMS messages on mobile devices: you can provide your explicit consent to receive promotional, marketing and special offers from TICYWEB SAG. SMS messages are sent automatically and consent to SMS messages is not required for purchases or services. You can withdraw your consent to marketing communications by sending an email to:
Transferring your Personal Data to other countries
Personal Data processed by MM SCAVIA WINERY SA, and all the Services and systems associated with them, including registration, are located on servers located in Italy. If you live outside of Italy, we remind you that the Personal Data we collect will be processed and stored in Italy.
By using our services and sending your personal data, you consent to the transfer, storage and / or processing of your Personal Data in Italy. Where and when requested, we will request your explicit consent, as outlined in this Privacy policy.
Data retention
We will retain your Personal Data as long as you have an account or if it is otherwise necessary to provide the Services to you. We will retain your Personal Data to the extent necessary to ensure compliance with legal obligations, resolve disputes and ensure compliance with our agreements.
Where it will no longer be necessary to process your Personal Data for the purposes of this Privacy Policy, we will delete it from our systems.
Where permitted, we will delete your Personal Data upon your request. If you want to delete your data you can send a request to the address:
Delete account / Accept consent to data processing
You have the option to withdraw the consent you have granted to MM SCAVIA WINERY SA and our affiliates regarding the processing of personal data by deleting your account independently or by instructing the support team to do it on your behalf. Once you have withdrawn your consent, you will still be able to access some of the content and functionality available on our websites.
If you have any questions about our data retention practices, please contact us at
We implement appropriate technical and organizational protection measures to prevent unauthorized or illegal processing of Personal Data and to prevent accidental and unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access to Personal Data. Please note, however, that we are not able to completely eliminate the security risks associated with storing and transmitting Personal Data.
Links to other websites. Please note that this privacy policy does not apply to practices of companies that are not owned by us or that we do not control, or to individuals who do not work for us. Our Services may provide a link or otherwise provide access to third-party sites. We provide these links only for your convenience. We have no control, do not overhaul and are not responsible for third-party sites, related content or any merchandise or service available through third-party sites. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to Third Party sites and data provided to Third Party sites, which you provide at your own risk. We invite you to consult the privacy policies of all the third-party sites with which you interact.
We do not knowingly collect online Personal Data from children under the age of 13 (please note that the minimum age may vary by country / region and local law). If you notice that a child has provided us with your personal data without parental consent, please contact us via the address: If we find that a child under the age of 13 has provided us with their Personal Data without parental consent, we will take the necessary steps to delete this data and delete the child’s account.
How to contact us
If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the way we process your Personal Data, you can contact us through our Support Team using the address: or write to: MM SCAVIA WINERY SA
For the attention of: Privacy Office
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Last updated: 05.02.2019